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                            Do they SWEAR they wouldn’t Cheat? Do you Exist? Are they Lying?

Check your Mate with a Sexy Decoy!

Our Sexy Decoy Investigations are performed with Integrity, using Professional Undercover Sexy Decoy Investigators. Our Sexy Decoys will flirt to test your mate for inappropriate behavior, because of our Experience we were the Investigators used by The Ricki Lake Show during their last two seasons for their Undercover Sexy Decoy Operations to Expose Cheaters and Liars. 

                                                 It's Here!

Sexy Decoy's... The ONLY Training Manual on How to Perform Professional Undercover Sexy Decoy Investigations!



Have you ever wondered how they would react when presented with an opportunity to CHEAT?

Check your Mate with a Sexy Undercover Decoy!   

If you have nagging suspicions and questions that you need answers to, and need to check a mate, husband or boyfriend turn to the experts. Using the latest high tech James Bond type Equipment and Investigative techniques Robert Pac’s sexy undercover decoy angels are ready to check your mate and are trained to offer a fair and honest assessment of your spouses reactions. You’ve seen them on television talk shows, pretty and flirtatious young women putting men to the test to get the answers on how they would react, what they would say and if they’d remain faithful when presented with the opportunity to talk and flirt with a sexy young woman. Whether he’s away on his next business trip, out to the bar with his friends or at the gym, these professional sophisticated sexy undercover decoy operatives are chameleons that can fit into any situation from a local neighborhood bar to a five star restaurant. As the countries premier investigations company that specializes in undercover decoy and domestic investigations InterTrace Investigations Groups decoys and cheating spouse services offer peace of mind and relief from the strain and emotional stress that is the result of constant worrying and wondering. For those who need answers to their nagging suspicions these decoy Investigators are the angels they need.
Our mission is to provide our clients with a Professional, fair and accurate assessment of their mates level of faithfulness through a flirtatious Undercover Decoy Operation performed with the utmost of Professionalism and Integrity.

We've been providing Professional Undercover Decoy Operations since "2001" using:

bulletLicensed Investigator's

Private Investigator Robert Pac is the owner of InterTrace Investigations Group a Massachusetts Private Detective Agency. InterTrace Investigations Group is the Premier Private Investigations agency in the United States when it comes to Undercover Decoy and Cheating Spouse Investigations. Undercover Decoy and Cheating Spouse Investigations are our specialty, because of this we are highly sought after as the company to go to to bust cheating spouses. Through a nationwide network of licensed Private Investigation agencies we are able to provide Undercover Sexy Decoy Operations and Cheating Investigations in almost every state in the country. If you want answers and need to know the truth, hire Robert Pac who was called Private Investigator Extraordinaire by Ricki Lake for performing some of his more shocking and successful Investigations.


            As Seen on the Ricki Lake Show

     Brother & Sister Investigative Team Rob & Kate


Robert Pac Owner InterTrace Investigations Group far right and Sister Kate Decoy Investigator to his left on stage of the Ricki Lake Show


Kate Pac Decoy Investigator on Stage for the Ricki Lake Show


Be aware that most men will respond to an attractive woman in a positive way I.E. flirt, especially after a few drinks, being away from home and especially if there is trouble in the relationship.

How do you "Prove" my husband/boyfriend would cheat and that this isn't just innocent flirting or being caught up in the moment?

I've seen "Decoy's" on television talk shows that test people by taking off their tops and kissing the person to be tested, Do your decoy's operate this way?

For the answers to these and other questions you may have on how we conduct our Undercover Decoy Investigations, please visit our Decoy Investigations FAQ's page.


"When you Need to Know!"


When you Need to Know the Real Truth. Please answer all of the following questions and provide a phone number or email address where it is safe to leave a detailed message about our services.

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How can I become a Sexy Decoy?

Our office is contacted almost daily with this question.

Entering this exciting and highly specialized field is not an easy task!

Have you contacted Investigations companies but haven’t been able to get a reply? Do you know why? Have you contacted Private Investigators and been told they don’t do these types of Investigations? Would you like to increase your chances of being hired? Do you know how? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Click on the link above to find out more about this exciting field and how to increase your odds at getting hired.


If you are a member of the media and would like to Interview Rob, Anna or Kate, please click here


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