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Surveillance Experts... Worker's Comp. Surveillance...  Auto Accident Insurance Surveillance...  Disability Surveillance...  Liability Surveillance...  Insurance Fraud Surveillance...  SIU...  Insurance Fraud Investigations...  Worker's Comp. Fraud...  Disability Fraud...  Liability Fraud...  Auto Accident Fraud... Massachusetts Surveillance Investigator’s… Boston Massachusetts Surveillance Investigator’s… Worcester Massachusetts Surveillance Investigator’s… Springfield Massachusetts Surveillance Investigator’s… Domestic Investigations... Undercover Sexy Decoy Investigations... High-Tech Investigations...


Since 1998 the Surveillance team at InterTrace Investigations Group has had an excellent reputation for providing high quality Investigative solutions to Insurance companies, Attorney's and the Entertainment industry . When it comes to Surveillance Investigations, our team has over 24,000 hours of surveillance experience working Insurance Fraud, Worker's Comp., Disability, Liability, Auto and Undercover Surveillance Operations.

Whether it's a routine Worker's comp. Investigation or a difficult Undercover Operation our team of surveillance operatives have the experience and necessary skills to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Our  Surveillance Investigator's use the latest Covert Video Surveillance Equipment  so our Investigations don't "stop at the door". Our Investigator's don't sit in their vehicles waiting, We continue beyond where most Investigator's leave off, ensuring we don't miss potential, vital video evidence.

Do you Know What Your Claimant's are Doing?


            The claimant seen above said that she had to use a cane at all times and was in constant pain, we found her running up and down stairs and running errands throughout the

            day and didn't observe a cane or any medical aides or devices,  UNTIL she went to her doctor later that day! This case was settled successfully in our client's favor 

            two days before the set trial date. "Due to our Surveillance Video and deposition" according to our client.


We Do!

Hire the Surveillance Experts and let us Show You!

We investigate your claims to determine if in fact an employee has faked or exaggerated their injuries, has unreported income or employment at a second job.

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Insurance Fraud Investigations

InterTrace Investigations Group works with Insurance, Self-Insured Companies, Third-Party Administrators and their Defense Counsels as an extension of your business with the sole purpose of minimizing your liabilities and resolving your investigative challenges. Our specialties include worker's compensation claims, long-term disability claims, bodily injury claims, general liability claims, etc.


bullet Flat Rate Surveillance
bullet Hourly Surveillance
bullet Activity Check
bullet Dependency Check
bullet Disability Check
bullet Alive & Well Check
bullet Widow/Widower Check
bullet Statements - Written or Recorded
bullet Accident Investigation

Locate/Skip Trace

We have a Guaranteed 10 day turn around time on all cases! 

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Domestic Investigations

Because of his expertise in successfully Investigating and exposing cheaters and liars, Robert Pac appeared on the Ricki Lake Show over 40 times, leading him to being called "Private Investigator Extraordinaire" by Ricki Lake.


bullet Cheating Spouse
bullet Cheating Husband
bullet Cheating Wife
bullet Cheating Boyfriend

Cheating Girlfriend


Cheating Fiancé




Do you suspect that your Spouse, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Fiancé is Cheating?



"When you Need to Know"


Private Investigator Robert Pac is the owner of InterTrace Investigations Group a Massachusetts Private Detective Agency. InterTrace Investigations Group is the Premier Private Investigations agency in the United States when it comes to Undercover Decoy and Cheating Spouse Investigations. Undercover Decoy and Cheating Spouse Investigations are our specialty, because of this we are highly sought after as the company to go to to bust cheating spouses. Through a nationwide network of licensed Private Investigation agencies we are able to provide Undercover Sexy Decoy Operations and Cheating Investigations in almost every state in the country. If you want answers and need to know the truth, hire Robert Pac who was called Private Investigator Extraordinaire by Ricki Lake for performing some of his more shocking and successful Investigations.


 InterTrace Investigations can provide the answer and peace of mind!



Your intuition is one of the best  Warning Signs  that your spouse may be having an affair

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Professional Memberships

bullet LPDAM-Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts
bullet BECCA-Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures Association

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